Diapason (Hugues Mousseau)
– about Bruckner 5, CD Recording

“Above all, he [Rémy Ballot] leaves a lot of people behind him, starting with Blomstedt, Haitink or Abbado despite their superior instrumental brilliance, and sends Barenboim’s Wagnerian routine back to the ropes. […]”

Oberösterreichische Nachrichten
– about Bruckner 5, Brucknertage St. Florian, 18 August 2017

“This Bruckner Five was indeed a reach for the stars.  Rémy Ballot and the Altomonte Orchestra impress in the highpoint of the Brucknertage in St. Florian. […] Rémy Ballot…knows how to transform the architecture from the page into space-filling sound, with the players fully and completely with him.[…]  A thoroughly convincing interpretation […] Pure musical splendour […]”

The Brucker Journal, November 2017
– about Bruckner 5, Brucknertage St. Florian, 18 August 2017

“The flagship event of the week is the Friday evening orchestra concert.  As in previous years, Rémy Ballot conducted the Altomonte Orchestra, in a wonderful performance of the Fifth. […] The brass and winds played admirably throughout, especially the Finale… The final chorale can sometimes deplete the stamina of even the most hardened brass, [but] the Altomonte had no trouble carrying the final pages to a glorious conclusion, and the standing ovation that followed was well earned”

Salzburger Nachrichten

– about Bruckner 5, Brucknertage St. Florian, 18 August 2017

“The Altomonte Orchestra under conductor Rémy Ballot brilliantly mastered the acoustical challenge of the Basilica…the brilliant brass players in particular took advantage of their opportunities […] The audience did not give the final chord of this 90-minute performance a chance to fade away, but immediately burst into loud cheers.”
– CD review of Bruckner 3, Gramola

“The slow movement is sublime and it is refreshing to listen to a conductor who turns his back so emphatically on the current vogue for Bruckner-lite. I wish I’d been there at the performance. It must have been a monumental occasion”

– CD review of Bruckner 9, Gramola, February 2016

“Dass diese ganze Symphonie so gut gelungen ist, liegt auch an der herausragenden Qualität des ‘Altomonte Orchesters’, das sich aus den besten Musikern Österreichs zusammensetzt.”

Wiener Zeitung

– CD review of Bruckner 9, Gramola, February 2016

“Rémy Ballot’s interpretation of Bruckner’s 9th Symphony is a must-have, more than any other since the years of Celibidache.  The Ballot equation is: accuracy + energy = ecstasy squared…The Altomonte Orchestra surpass themselves, evidently aware that they are taking part in something extraordinary.  This recording sets a new standard!”

– Concert & CD review of Bruckner 3, Gramola, 2013

“Transcendent Bruckner at St Florian Abbey from Ballot and the Altomonte Orchestra. […] It is concerts such as this that demonstrate the unique ability of music to communicate things that are not easily put into words but which we desperately need to hear.”